Western International University

Hello blogger. If usually I was write in Indonesian language, in this post I will try to write in English. Today I want to talk about Western International University. There are so many Indonesian people want to get school in United States. I think, this article can be a good reference for you.

Western International University has a main campus in Arizona. However, they have campus in China and India. They have virtual campus also. WIU has some Degree Programs that you can choose. They are master degree, bachelor degree, associate degree and certified programs.

Western International University degree programs are designed specifically for working adults for over thirty years. They have schedule that has been designed for you. With this schedule you can still commitment with your family, work, social, and community activities. If upgrade your degree can change your earning, WIU is the best place to upgrade your knowledge and your experience.

WIU Interactive OnlineIf you do not have a time to go to US, China or India, you still have a chance to learn in WIU using their virtual campuses that call WIU Interactive Online. It is not like regular online campus. They have virtual classroom. Each week, you have the choice to attend your online class sessions live via your computer, or by listening to the recorded class sessions, or a combination of both.

With this facility you can control your time when you have to study. If you can join with live class you connected from your computer. However, if you cannot join in the live session, you can still get the recorded session. You have to getting started at WIU now. Call them at 1-866-948-4636 for more information.

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